Blog Post #1 Challenge Yourself (Leave your comfort Zone)

What are you doing today to get out of your comfort zone?

I literally ask myself that question every day and most days it’s easy for me because I own a gym and spend the majority of my day making sure people get out of their comfort zone.  Why? Because they need it, they love it, and that is what they expect from me as their coach. It’s not always about working out for me or for anyone. That is just the easiest way I believe you can get yourself connected to who you really are, so you don’t get frustrated standing in line too long for coffee or throw a fit because someone cut you off on your commute home from work.  I say this all the time,”what we do in here makes everything out there much easier.” Doing yard work is not exercise, walking your dogs, helping someone move, or any other mundane activities that get you moving. YES it can be physically demanding but it’s not WORK. Those things happen in life and will continue to happen no matter who you are. We will never be able to avoid picking things up, moving from one place to another, squatting, putting things over our head, or picking ourselves off the ground.  Why do we fight the things that we cannot avoid? 

Look around! We are a society of people who peaked in their teens.  Most elderly talk about when they were young because they were able to move and do things, and at some point, our society told them that they no longer had to do those natural essential things that every human should do for their entire life.  Crossfit says that our movements differ “only in degree not kind” which means what works for an Olympic weightlifter also works for our grandparents; Just don’t load grandpa up with 300lb bar and tell him to snatch that weight over his head. Somehow long ago people started deciding that it was better to be comfortable.  Coming home after a hard day's work and resting was how you should spend all your time when you get older, and that has become the norm. Millions of people over the decades lived their lives so they could retire and do nothing. And what did that get us? We invited convenience, laziness, sickness, disease, and death into our lives, all because we thought the better life was a life of leisure. We thought that we could build the greatest country in the world and it would just stay that way because we built it.  You ask any successful coach if they rely on their past success and they might hit you in the face, they might laugh at you, or they might even lecture you but the answer will be the same: To be successful you have to put in the work! No professional athlete ever talks about getting to a place where being the best is easy and the work stops. The work never stops! Why would we want it to? Who wants to sit around and do nothing? If we don’t move, don’t create, and don’t do; are we really human? Ask anyone in the health profession how they feel about the health of most people they treat.  The answer is not great, it’s not even good and these people are some of the most amazing, kind, caring people on the planet, who sift through blood and shit on a daily basis because they know what they do matters. They know we matter. Their daily challenge is obvious: Do no harm, and help those who cannot help themselves.  

Crossfit also says your local box can be described as learning how to swim.  When you want to learn how to swim you don’t need a lifeguard, you need a swim coach.  A lifeguard will save you when you are out in the water drowning but a swim coach will teach you how avoid ever being in that kind of situation.  Doctors are lifeguards and CrossFit Coaches are swim coaches. We teach you how to swim and if you think you don’t need to know how to swim ask yourself this: When was the last time I squatted? How hard is it to put yourself on the ground and pick yourself up? When was the last time you picked something up off the ground and put it over your head? If you don’t have an answer or you want to respond with some excuse, the odds are you need a swim coach.  You are never too old, or too out of shape, or too injured, to make changes towards a healthier life. 

Start here.

 How do we challenge ourselves on a daily basis?

    Simple.  What are you afraid of? Write down a list of fears or things that you don’t like doing.  Start small but every day take one thing on that list and do it! I know this may seem crazy and a waste of time but try that for one week and tell me how you feel.  Honestly! We are all tired and sore so try to dig a little deeper than that to describe how you really feel and what is really going on in your body, with your mind, and your emotions.  You want to stay motivated, so do something that scares you every day. Pick up that heavy weight. Make that uncomfortable phone call. Talk to that person you have been avoiding. It does not always have to be something physical and it doesn’t have to make sense.  Consider it your C.O.D! Challenge of the Day. Show the body what real stress is like during your workout in a controlled environment, or show the conscious that that thing you were so afraid of was not really as big as your mind was making it out to be. Sit down with your thoughts and try to control your breath you might find a little calm goes a long way towards you being comfortable with being uncomfortable, being kind to a stranger, or just finding more things to be happy about, instead of picking apart this world and focusing on everything that is wrong with it and wrong with us.  We sat down after a hard day's work because it was hard, it challenged us in ways that we didn’t even know but it made the relaxation worth it. Balance! You have to work hard to rest hard.  

    So to bring this full circle- we must begin to understand the great responsibility we have to be the best versions of ourselves, and embrace the role as an advocate for a better life.  The first of five tasks we have to complete daily is to Challenge ourselves and leave our comfort zone. Start small, like not hitting the snooze button 5 times, but work your way up to more challenging things like being kind to a stranger, recognizing negative feelings, get out of your comfortable chair every hour or so, go to the gym instead of explaining why you CAN’T go today.  This, no matter how simple, will get you moving forward in your life. It will create positive change we all seek but tell ourselves we can't have, instead of going out and getting it. Task #1 Challenge yourself daily.  

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