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JUNE 29, 2019

Blog Post #24 Make Decisions

Make decisions


We don’t think about it until many years later or perhaps we think about it often and it is what drives you.  Six years ago today I made a decision that was very difficult for me to make at the time but I knew in my bones that it was the right decision.  June 30th 2014 was the last day I worked for someone else.  I didn’t come to this decision easily, in fact five years or so before that I couldn’t even imagine myself not coaching soccer.  I remember reading once about a man who was sitting in a waiting room and he looked over at another younger man playing with his son, the older man who had clearly lived a hard life leaned over and told the younger man to enjoy the time he spent with his child because he would only be that age once.  The younger man with gratitude and respect leaned over placing his hand on the older man’s shoulder thanked him and asked him, “When did that stop for you?” This sounds really harsh at first, but if you think about it we will only be 7 once, we will only be 21 once, we will only be 39 once, if we don’t look back at our younger self and feel embarrassed at least a little then we are not growing and we are stuck as the same 7 year old or sometime more often the same 21 year old and we never grow out of that person we just accept that we have reached our full potential and we go on living life expecting that this is as good as it gets or things are set a certain way.  If I lived my life like that I would still be in Dayton Ohio, drinking and partying like I was a teenager even though I am almost 40.  I would have a lot of failed relationships that I would blame on everyone but myself because that’s what I did as a teenager.  I would probably have one long boring career that I didn’t enjoy or a lot of little ones but I wouldn’t have created anything.  I would still have the mind of a teenager but the life lessons of a hard lived person that never took responsibility for themselves and just never grew up or grew into an adult let alone a mature adult.  I think of this person that I could have been all the time because I want to be so far better than that it has driven me to do things I never thought possible.  I’m married! Very Extremely unbelievably Happily Married.  I have a son! The coolest greatest wonder gift I’ve ever received on this planet.  I run my own business! I am literally changing the world one athlete at a time teaching people how to Love, Laugh, and Learn.  Ten years ago I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life, 6 years ago I made a decision to be happy, and now I’m building the best gym in Columbus! So make decisions! Don’t wait for the right time! Don’t wait for the right job! Make a decision! What do you want out of life? I really knew only one thing and that is that I wanted to be happy, I had no clue what that looked like all I knew at the time was I knew I wasn’t happy.  Six years ago I resigned from a job that was killing me on the inside,  four years before that I quit coaching the sport that I loved because I wasn’t loving it any more, and five years before that I did everything I could to be involved with the only thing I knew I loved doing which was soccer.  15 years ago I was about to turn 25 years old, the kid I was back then is nothing like the man I am today and in another 15 years I am going to be an even better version of myself that I am going to look back on this and think about how much I have grown.  This is what they don’t tell you about life, when I was 25 years old I was supposed to be in my prime as an athlete and a person I guess, that it’s all downhill from here.  No one ever tells you how much better you can get as a human being as you age.  I think getting older and wiser is the best part about life because we get to experience so many great and unfortunately horrific things. It helps us put life and what we do into perspective and hopefully help us to make some decisions along the way.

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