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JUNE 29, 2019

Blog Post #21 Character


The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual:

You can talk all you want about character but at its core it is the actions we take that create the qualities that makes each of us unique.

Character is defined by the actions people take.  “What” we are as well as “Who” we are.

What: I workout every day, I take care of my son, I communicate with my wife, I lead others towards their goals.

Who: Husband, Father, Leader, Athlete.  Who I am describes the titles I have, What I am describes the actions I take.

In this way we can very easily define character based on the titles and actions people use to describe “Who” and “What” they are.  Therefore character can be explained as the titles we use to describe ourselves with the actions we take in our daily lives. Using myself as the example my character is described as a husband who cultivates communication with his wife, a father who raises his son to have his own values and beliefs, a leader who interacts with people every day guiding them towards their goals, and an athlete who trains daily to accomplish his own goals.  Naturally, this leads us to our daily habits but if this explanation is not simple enough I believe everyone can evaluate their character further by using these four categories thinking, acting, training, competing.

Thinking (What goes on in your head)

We all think and we all know what goes on in our head the good, the bad, the ugly, and the amazing. Character is applying the useful thoughts in our head into some sort of action.

Acting (The way we respond to events)

When we have these thoughts things are going to happen and how we respond to these events are based on the dominant thoughts we have been thinking about.

Training (Whatever we are working towards)

Most of our actions are to accomplish something. This could be considered how we train. Everything from brushing our teeth to working out is all training for some outcome.

Competing (The measure for our achievements)

Everyone competes. Yeah! I said it. Everyone competes in some way even if you never have a measure for it. Think about it this way if you are on your death bed we are all going to look back at our life and remember moments. Those moments were our measure and whether we won, lost or learned we achieved something worth looking back on to be remembered. Who we are and what we’ve accomplished is part of our character but it’s only part of the whole that makes up a person’s character.

Notes: I’ve been working on this for weeks and I haven’t fleshed it out just yet but I really wanted to write a post on character but it’s a tough one to nail down. This represents where I am at with this and just goes to show you that you don’t have to be perfect it’s about the journey and I love discovering myself the more I write.

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