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JUNE 29, 2019

Blog Post #25 Philosophy



Henry David Thoreau once said, “Philosophy is nothing more than Solving the problems of life practically!” I like that! It’s simple and it sets the stage for what I would like to discuss in more details in the next few posts.   

Why do you get up in the morning?

Why do you work? Or why do you do the things you do in your waking hours?

What do you do? 

How do you do it?

How is that working out for you?


Whatever you do, do it with passion, positivity, and purpose. Work on the quality of your character, effort, and health. Passion means get lost in your craft, Positivity means happiness, Purpose means something bigger than yourself, Character means being kind no matter what, Effort means being uncomfortable, and health means habits. 


Passion is important, it’s the stuff that motivates you when you read a good book, it’s the feeling you get after a good conversation, or the feeling you get after a really hard workout.  Passion is the butterflies you feel when you hold hands with someone special, the warmth you feel when you give/receive a hug.  Passion is love, it’s the light guiding us when we are “doing” the things we do in our waking hours.  


Positivity is what everyone should strive for.  It’s really easy to be negative and think you are happy but it takes a special person to be positive and know you are happy.  


Purpose any pursuit has to have it’s foundations in the greater good for others and not solely focused on the self.  No one, no matter what, can do it alone.  


Character is the choice between acting emotionally and knowing how to act even when you are emotional.  Choosing to be and do good things even when it’s really hard to do so because the first and last thing people remember about you is the quality of your character.  


Effort is what we are willing to put our energy into.  Effort is not easy.  Effort means you are going to work.  Effort means you are going to be uncomfortable.  


Health is all about the habits you want to make part of your day.  


My intention is to wet the appetite and dive deeper into each of these six topics.  


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