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Everyone Starts in Elements Sessions:

In order to begin attending our group classes, new members must take our 3 elements classes. 

These are introductory classes and run every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:00 am.  

Classes are limited to 5 people per session.

If the available time is sold out you may reserve for the next week or if you cannot attend any of the elements times you can set up a personal training session to get started our head coach will reach out once you have filled out the on-line form. 

Click the Join button at the top of the page and fill out the on-line form.

Or click the GET STARTED button below to sign up for Elements.

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meet the family

Working out alone sucks. That's why so much of the success for members of SuperFit comes through the community. You'll be sweating along side many others who are there to encourage you when the workout is at its toughest and to help you up off the floor when it's all over. And there are no egos here, everyone works at their own pace toward one mutual goal: Get Better Every Day.


Whitney's story

Whitney joined SuperFit without any experience in the gym. At first she was nervous and uncomfortable but over time with the help of our coaching staff she's become fitter than ever in her life and loves coming in to push herself and to explore her limits and continue to grow. By the way, she's a mother of three.

Brian Walsh - Owner & Head Coach

Brian is SuperFit's fearless leader. He's spent many years working with people from experienced athletes to those who don't yet even have the strength to squat down and get back up. He's patient and perceptive and leads SuperFit's coaching staff to help you reach your goals and to push you when your goals aren't big enough.

Meet Anne Marie

Think CrossFit is too intense for you? Nonsense. Anne Marie started when she was in her 60's and she's had an amazing experience. The coaches here have helped her and her husband get in shape so they can hike and travel and enjoy their retirement.